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It is sometimes said about very athletic women that they have ‘trained’ their breasts. And that is a horror that keeps many other women from strength training ! After all, you don’t want to lose your full bosom suddenly after a few weeks in the gym . But is it actually true that you could get smaller breasts from strength training?

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Or is it somewhere else? Today we will discuss exactly where the shape and size of your breasts come from. Based on that anatomy, we discuss the influence of diet and strength training on your cup size.

The anatomy of the breast

The core of your breast is formed by milk glands and milk channels. After all, this part of your body is ultimately there to be able to nurse any children. The system where breast milk is produced has a kind of conical shape. There is a layer of fat around it, originally intended to protect the essential milk system against cold.

And that is also the entire composition of your breasts! So you won’t find any muscles here , as is sometimes thought. The large chest muscles in women are in exactly the same place as in men. That is: relatively flat against the ribs, behind the ‘cone’ of milk glands. All in all, the size and shape of your breast is mainly determined by the layer of fat around the mammary glands.

Essential fat

In the human body, a distinction is made between essential fat and storage fat. Storage fat is where excess energy is stored – in other words, the type of fat that you do not want. However, essential fat is necessary to stay healthy!

Part of your breast fat is exactly that type. That is also the reason that essential fat accounts for only 4% of body weight in men, whereas in women this is around 14%. ( 1 )

Burn fat locally

On the other hand, not all the fat in the breasts is of the essential kind. You notice that especially when you arrive a while: you can get a cup size bigger as a result! Excess fat is therefore indeed stored in the breast tissue. And is it true that all of this fat disappears when you start training your chest muscles more?

Well, not by itself. As we have explained in another article, you cannot burn fat locally . Your breasts will not disappear from chest muscle workouts, just as your belly fat will not disappear if you continue to do endless sit-ups. So a regular set of push-ups is not enough to make your bosom shrink.