Women Smaller Breasts through Strength Training?

It is sometimes said about very athletic women that they have ‘trained’ their breasts. And that is a horror that keeps many other women from strength training ! After all, you don’t want to lose your full bosom suddenly after a few weeks in the gym . But is it actually true that you could get smaller breasts from strength training?

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Or is it somewhere else? Today we will discuss exactly where the shape and size of your breasts come from. Based on that anatomy, we discuss the influence of diet and strength training on your cup size.

The anatomy of the breast

The core of your breast is formed by milk glands and milk channels. After all, this part of your body is ultimately there to be able to nurse any children. The system where breast milk is produced has a kind of conical shape. There is a layer of fat around it, originally intended to protect the essential milk system against cold.

And that is also the entire composition of your breasts! So you won’t find any muscles here , as is sometimes thought. The large chest muscles in women are in exactly the same place as in men. That is: relatively flat against the ribs, behind the ‘cone’ of milk glands. All in all, the size and shape of your breast is mainly determined by the layer of fat around the mammary glands.

Essential fat

In the human body, a distinction is made between essential fat and storage fat. Storage fat is where excess energy is stored – in other words, the type of fat that you do not want. However, essential fat is necessary to stay healthy!

Part of your breast fat is exactly that type. That is also the reason that essential fat accounts for only 4% of body weight in men, whereas in women this is around 14%. ( 1 )

Burn fat locally

On the other hand, not all the fat in the breasts is of the essential kind. You notice that especially when you arrive a while: you can get a cup size bigger as a result! Excess fat is therefore indeed stored in the breast tissue. And is it true that all of this fat disappears when you start training your chest muscles more?

Well, not by itself. As we have explained in another article, you cannot burn fat locally . Your breasts will not disappear from chest muscle workouts, just as your belly fat will not disappear if you continue to do endless sit-ups. So a regular set of push-ups is not enough to make your bosom shrink.

Slimming Tips: Eat more Vegetables for Fast Slimming

Slimming tips are always welcome by the many who finally want to get rid of their overweight.

Fruits and vegetables are in a healthy diet

central. Everyone is convinced that vegetables are healthy, also to burn more fat and to lose weight quickly, and yet we eat them too little. for details visit – My Greens Daily Website Post

Those who want to lose weight easily and healthily eat at least 500 grams of vegetables and two pieces of fruit daily, but only a few get it.

Vegetables are rich in all healthy nutrients and fiber, indispensable for achieving and maintaining your healthy goal weight.

How can you eat more vegetables from now on?
Vegetables contain little or no calories, but the more dietary fiber .

They ensure that your body uses more energy to digest vegetables than they produce energy.

In that case it is called nutrition with negative calories.
You can eat as much as you want without gaining even one gram.

Nutrition with negative calories such as vegetables, burn extra calories!
Like fruit, vegetables are an important source of enzymes .

They speed up your metabolism or metabolism, and therefore you burn even more fat and calories.

Vegetables with the most negative calories are: leafy green vegetables (such as endive, spinach, green cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, green beans, celery, radishes, carrots, zucchini, aubergines, asparagus, beets, lettuce, lamb’s lettuce, garlic, onions, turnips, cress , kohlrabi, peppers, and Brussels sprouts Fruit with negative calories: strawberries, pineapple, apples, (blueberries), cranberries, raspberries, grapefruit, mandarins, papaya, and plums, lemons, and watermelons
Other food and drink with few or no calories: chicken, turkey, rice cakes, coffee and tea

Step-by-step plan for Losing 4 kilos in 1 week

If you lose up to 4 kilos in 1 week, you don’t just burn body fat. You also lose body fluid. This is because your insulin level drops and your body gets rid of the stored carbohydrate reserves. These carbohydrate reserves contain water.

Your carbohydrate reserves are between 300 and 500 grams in size. Another word for this stock is glycogen. Glycogen occurs during your digestion. Hereby carbohydrates are split into glycogen and glucose. You use glucose for direct energy such as the beating of your heart and you use glycogen for endurance sports such as running.

The glycogen reserves are therefore between 300 and 500 grams, but they exist for about three times as much water. That is 900 grams to 1.5 kilos in weight. And you can see that on the scales.

Okay, let’s look at the steps to get rid of those 4 pounds. The 7 steps below will help you lose 4 pounds in just 1 week.

1. Lose 4 kilos through fewer carbohydrates and more protein

Research shows that eating less carbohydrates from, for example, potatoes, bread, rice and pasta helps to lose weight. Research also shows that proteins contribute to weight reduction. Protein saturates and nourishes enormously, so you experience less hunger and therefore you are less likely to eat something (quickly) again.

Put vegetables, fish, eggs, lean meat, full-fat cheese, legumes, and beans on your menu for a week. Leave potatoes, bread and pasta for a week. For example, in the morning, eat a bowl of oatmeal, with soy milk or whole curd cheese with muesli.

2. Lose 4 kilos by eating fully and avoiding junk

Junk means junk in English. Junk food, therefore, means junk food. Unfortunately, this junk food is often available in sports canteens, station restorations, supermarkets and gas stations. Junk food is only made for one thing; sale.

Junk food actually only fills and it does not feed enough. Your blood sugar level usually rises, so that your insulin level also peaks. This is very bad because a lot of insulin ensures that your body stores more body fat.

An hour or two after eating junk food, you will feel hungry again. Then you are going to eat something again, with all its consequences.

Whole food, such as a whole tomato, a moot of salmon or a carrot will feed you. You eat less of it and you stay saturated for longer.

3. Take fewer calories

Losing 4 pounds in 1 week is only possible if you get fewer calories than you burn. It is therefore important to make your energy balance negative. Reducing calories on the nutrition side helps you with that.

The tips below help you to limit your calorie intake:

3.1 Awareness by weighing your meals

Weighing your food or counting calories can help you to become aware of what you put into your mouth every day. This can be quite confronting, but it works.

3.2 Do not snack
Less snacking and snacking naturally also helps with losing 4 pounds. Only eat during planned meals and if you really can’t do without a snack, eat something from raw nuts, dried fruit, carrot or celery sticks.

3.3 No dressings
Do not use dressings or herbs from a bag to season your food. These ‘convenience products’ usually contain a lot of calories, salt and certain E-numbers, so you tend to eat more.

Hemorrhoids: itching and Treatment

Hemorrhoids are sagging swelling bodies around the anus, which can cause pain and itching for nuisance complaints. Pain is often temporary, but the itch can stay on for a very long time. How does this itch arise and what is the best treatment for itching caused by hemorrhoids? It is important to prevent hemorrhoids: fiber-rich food and not pressing too hard can help. But if there are hemorrhoids once, treatment is sometimes necessary.

What are hemorrhoids?


Hemorrhoids are weak spots in the blood vessels. These blood vessels swell. The annoying thing is that in hemorrhoids the swollen blood vessels are located near the anus. Here a lot of pressure is exerted during the bowel movement, causing the hemorrhoids to swell even more.

Hemorrhoids can occur spontaneously, but also due to excess pressure or hormones such as pregnancy, there may be a weakening of the blood vessels. The spontaneous development of hemorrhoids is usually a result of wrong food with too few fiber substances. This makes the stool too hard and too thick, which gives too much pressure on the blood vessels during bowel movements.

Why hemorrhoids itch

The two main complaints of hemorrhoids are pain and itching. Hemorrhoids that get pinched often cause a painful feeling. It is also possible that some blood loss occurs during and after the bowel movement, because the mucous membrane of the hemorrhoids is vulnerable.

A very annoying complaint is the itching caused by hemorrhoids. Itching is caused by two factors. Firstly, it may happen that some intestinal mucus or very loose stools leak through the sphincter, as a result of hemorrhoids. The intestinal mucus or the stool irritates the skin, which gives it an itchy feeling. Secondly, itching can occur because the sphincter and the skin become irritated by blood loss from the hemorrhoids or by pressure from the hemorrhoids.

In both cases there is a nuisance itching, often during and immediately after bowel movements. This itching can continue for a longer period of time. But also the itching can suddenly set up without bowel movements.

How to deal with this itch?

Itching evokes a reaction with us: scratching. Well the unabashed scratching on our buttocks is not something that is always possible. In addition, the skin can be damaged and irritated even more by scratching.

Often the skin and sphincter muscle will be irritated by blood loss, intestinal mucus or loose stools on the skin. The best is therefore to use a moist paper. Do not use moist toilet paper with perfume: this can irritate the skin even more. A toilet paper that has been wetted with water also works well. Gently dab the skin with the wet paper. The cold paper will often also calm the skin. If necessary, use a good ointment that cares for the skin. Here too it is important not to use a perfume-containing ointment. Vaseline or zinc ointment is excellent.

Another way to combat the itch is to use a special hemorrhoid cream. This ointment works analgesic and itchy. Use the ointment according to the doctor’s prescription.

5 Tips to get Rid of your “Beer Stall”

There is a day in many men’s lives when you stand in the shower and realize you can no longer see the lower part of your body, because your stomach is in the way.

A beer stall, although not always caused by excessive beer intake, catches many men off guard: as we get older and become physically less active and change our metabolism, extra fat begins to build up our drugs – leading to the notorious and unobtrusive bierboep.

However, fat around the stomach not only makes you look less attractive, it also involves considerable medical hazards, including an increased risk of:

heart disease
high blood pressure
increased cholesterol
sleep apnea
gall bladder problems
All of these conditions should be enough motivation for you to get rid of your “magic”. The good news is that you can grasp it with just a little time and determination. Here are five top tips to help you claim the battle – and win.

1. Limit your drink intake

Beer can be fun, but it also contains a lot of empty calories. The alcohol and sugar in beer tends to slow down your metabolism, causing an increase in fat around your stomach. What makes things worse is that the hops in your favorite brew contain an estrogenic composition that can lead to a hormonal imbalance and fat build-up. It is known that alcohol can reduce your fat burning ability by more than 30%.

I don’t want to go so far as to suggest that you completely stop enjoying beer and other alcoholic beverages, but you should definitely consider switching to light beer and lowering your overall alcohol intake if you have a change want to bring about the extent of your stomach.

2. Cardiovascular and aerobic exercise

Before you start building muscles and strengthening your abdominal muscles, you must first get rid of the fat. The most effective way to lose fat all over your body, including your stomach, is to start and maintain a regular cardiovascular and aerobic exercise program. Anything that can get your heart pumped, your blood flowing, and your breathing will work: walking, swimming, running, cycling, soccer, tennis, squash, jumping, spinning, interval exercise, rowing. .. your options are endless.

5 tips for a fit and healthy life

Almost one Belgian in two is already too heavy and the World Health Organization warns of even more obesity by 2030. How do you protect your children against the consequences of being overweight?

Obesity leads to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and certain forms of cancer in adulthood. Teach your children to live healthily as early as possible. How? By giving a good example yourself!

1. Eat healthy

Vary the meals of your children. Put a lot of fruit, vegetables, legumes and wholemeal products on the menu and avoid sugars and saturated fats. Also make sure that your children drink enough water.

2. Choose healthy snacks

Children are active and grow fast. They do not have enough of the three main meals. Give them extra energy with healthy snacks and limit the amounts of cookies, chips, candy and soft drinks.

3. Sleep well enough

Children need a good night’s sleep . Ten to twelve hours of sleep a day is certainly not a luxury for a young child. Avoid children watching TV for a long time or working with a tablet, smartphone or game console.

You also need adequate sleep as an adult. If you sleep less than five hours a night, the risk of obesity increases by 60%.

4. Move

Children are already sitting quietly at school and their free time is becoming more and more occupied by TV, computer and games. Make sure your child moves at least one hour a day . Membership of a sports club is good, but not necessarily. Children also move adequately when they are cycling or walking to school, playing outside, or being in a youth movement.

TIP: your health insurance fund partially reimburses the membership fees of a sports club. Your child is also insured through the club. However, it is always useful to have a good hospitalization insurance and family insurance yourself if your child ends up in the hospital or injures someone else during a workout.

5. Have your child supervise

If your child has problems with his weight and wants to protect it from the negative impact on his health, then professional support is possible. ‘It’s going to be okay’, for example, wants to make children from 6 to 15 years fit again through a multidisciplinary treatment plan. Because AG Insurance wants to contribute to a healthy and active society, it supports this project.

Improve these 5 Eating Habits for a Healthy Lifestyle

Often people do not realize that they have bad eating habits. You follow these habits unnoticed, every day, while your body slowly but surely becomes unhealthier. By becoming aware of what these eating habits actually are, you can better deal with targeted solutions. This of course also affects your weight and your body. Below you will find 5 of the most common wrong eating habits. A solution is also provided per eating habit, so that you can work better on a healthier body.

Bad eating habit 1: You are addicted to Sugar

In the evening for the TV, a small snack … There is nothing wrong with that, except when this innocent little snack degenerates into a full bag of crisps and three glasses of sweet white wine. Even if the larder is full of nuts and the apples are in the fruit bowl for the grabbing, an unhealthy snack is often preferred because the tasty appetite dissolves immediately. A small consolation: almost everyone who wants to lose weight struggles with this problem. It is easily recognizable. In most of these snacks, a lot of sugar is processed and we become addicted to it.

The three “to do’s” below help you to address your sugar addiction .

Solution 1: Ban the Big culprit

Products with lots of sugars ( fast carbohydrates ) do not enter your home anymore. Also sugary drinks such as cola, sweet white wine, packs of fruit juice, you leave out. Each pound goes through the mouth is a classic saying, but can help you lose weight and adjust your eating habits. Keep in mind, however, that when you stop ‘cold turkey’ with eating or drinking sugar, you will probably get a few (slight) headaches for a few days. Sometimes it is better to gradually reduce it to give your body the opportunity to adapt to your new, healthy eating habits.

Do not be too perfectionistic. You want to adjust your eating habits and get rid of your sugar addiction. This does not mean that you can never eat sugar again. Now and then a biscuit nibble with the coffee is not a sugar addiction. Give yourself a sin now and then.

Solution 2: Provide healthy alternatives

ProvideĀ  sugar-freeĀ  substitutes. It is easily said to ban all wrongdoers from your pantry. The irresistible urge to relish remains. Adjusting your eating habits in the beginning controls your daily activities. During difficult moments, keep in mind that the holder wins, the withdrawal symptoms will gradually disappear. But do know that the sense of sweetening will remain dormant, as long as you do not change your eating habits in the long term. Do not indulge yourself unnecessarily with temptations and do not bring unhealthy snacks into your home. Instead you can go for healthy snacks .

Fill your pantry with healthy alternatives that you also like. Get enough healthy snacks at home so you can vary. Alternate a handful of hazelnuts with a jar of low-fat natural yoghurt to which you cut a piece of apple.

Solution 3: Get to know sugars in all its variants.

Read the labels on products you buy, because sugar exists among many variants: fructose, dextrose, glucose, etc. You will be amazed at how many products contain (hidden) sugars. Many processed or factory-produced products produce similar effects as sugars in our body. Replace foods that contain a lot of fast carbohydrates as much as possible with other products. For example, look at the list of low-carbohydrate products .

Bad eating habits 2: You eat too fast

Research shows that the brain only gets the signal that you have eaten enough after twenty minutes or so that you are satisfied. So when you eat too fast, you do not give your brain and your stomach enough time to process that you are eating. As a result, you will soon overeat. For example, after ten minutes you have your plate empty and already a second time scooped, then you finally have eaten too much.

Moreover, you do not chew enough when you eat too fast. Your stomach and intestines get too large pieces of food to digest and therefore do not have enough time to get all the nutrients out of your meal. Your body responds to this with hunger impulses as a signal that it lacks nutrients. You get hungry, eat more, while you have received far too many calories at the end of the ride. It is therefore important to eat slowly .

Solution: Slower food

You can tackle food too quickly by making a feast of every meal. Ban the mobile phones and TVs and make time for each other. Or read a book. A nice dinner service with a table cover makes every meal a little special. Chew slow and eat consciously. Is your plate empty after twenty minutes? Put down your cutlery and wait a few minutes with bragging. Chances are that your hunger will disappear by itself and that you have eaten enough.

Bad eating Habits 3: You Eat too Little

Every so often there is a new crash diet . In this type of diet you eat very few calories a day, so you should lose weight naturally. This may sound plausible, but this kind of weight loss method often has a counterproductive effect. First of all, you get such a hunger feeling that it is difficult to keep up. In addition, a crash diet will not make sense for a limited period of time, if you then fall back into your old lifestyle. The well – known yo-yo effect is the result of this.

Solution: Do not Eat too Little, But Different

A good diet ensures that you eat healthier and you improve your lifestyle. Therefore stop following a crash diet that only focuses on few calories. Those who want to lose weight must adjust their eating habits. Therefore, go for a good weight loss method that ensures that you get enough nutrients in one day. You then learn to eat differently and healthier. You will find an overview here for a number of useful weight loss methods .

Bad Eating Habits 4: You Eat Irregularly

No breakfast, a bite of your sandwich during the ride to the next meeting, a fast pizza at ten o’clock in the evening because the drink ended with the work? If you do this often, it can have unhealthy consequences. Due to irregular eating behavior, you will overeat at certain times of the day, causing your body to store this as extra body fat. In addition, you will also be more likely to “snack”, which often results in more unhealthy food. It is therefore better for your body and weight when you eat more regularly and where the amounts of food are well balanced.

Solution: Build a good schedule in your day

Make work of a structure in your meals. Breakfast, lunch and dinner with a healthy snack at regular intervals. To achieve this, you can use a good diet plan to plan your day. Most diet programs will also be able to provide this. The essence is that you implant a program for yourself per day or per week so you know when you can start eating again. This also ensures that you build a piece of peace for your body. Your body will be able to process nutrients more efficiently.

Bad eating habits 5: You always eat the same thing

Adjusting your eating habits also means bringing more variety into your menu. If you always eat the same, you run the risk of not getting enough vitamins and other nutrients. You also run the risk that your metabolism will work less well. This means that waste can not be efficiently disposed of.

Solution: Delicious and varied cooking and food

Go to the supermarket and go for the various fresh, healthy products. Often for many people the problem is to prepare vegetables, which makes them eat too little. Yet this is really not difficult! Work your cooking skills once and experiment in the kitchen. Set up your kitchen, make it a pleasant place to stay and cook. You can also try a more difficult recipe or let others choose something. You will see that it works out positively.

Good cooking is a creative way to change your eating habits! By preparing unfamiliar dishes, you become acquainted with new flavors and ingredients and you automatically eat more varied food. Make time once a week to set up a menu for the entire coming week. Do this in a quiet place with possibly your cookbooks at hand. Prepare a menu plan where you plan a variety of dishes. Of course, this cookbook can also serve as inspiration.

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